Jacek Bartosiak PhD

Jacek Bartosiak is an attorney at law specialising in corporate, business and financial law. He advises domestic and foreign investors on construction and corporate projects as well as real estate management, in particular in relations to commercial lease in shopping centres.

Founder and CEO of Strategy&Future, the premier source and centre of geostrategic thought in Poland. Jacek Bartosiak is an author of best-selling books, including “Pacyfik i Eurazja. O Wojnie” (Pacific and Eurasia. On War” (2016) and ”Rzeczpospolita między Lądem a Morzem. O wojnie i pokoju.” (Poland and Intermarium between the Land and the Sea Powers. He is a Senior Fellow at the Potomac Foundation in Washington DC, Director of Wargaming & Simulations Program at the Casimir Pulaski Foundation, co-founder of PlayofBattle – a wargaming and simulation games studio. Dr. Bartosiak is a former (2018–2019) CEO of Solidarity Transport Hub – the largest infrastructure project in Poland’s history; and an advisor to the Government plenipotentiary for the Solidarity Transport Hub (2017–2018). Jacek Bartosiak is a graduate of the Law Faculty at Warsaw University, the Centre of English and European Law as well as the Centre of American Law. Jacek Bartosiak is also listed in the German Embassy un Warsaw as the attorney-at-law rendering legal services for German speaking clients.

Languages: English, German

Mobile: +48 606 683 555


Marcin Osiński

Marcin Osiński is an attorney at law specializing in civil and administrative law. He is professionally engaged in the representation of business entities and individuals in lawsuits, in particular related to real estate, and representation of individuals in family law cases (divorces, divisions of assets, alimonies). He also provides aid in administrative and court-administrative proceedings concerning real estate as well as disputes between health service providers and National Health Fund (Narodowy Fundusz Zdrowia) regarding provision of health services and performance of health services contracts. He has also long-lasting experience in providing day-to-day legal services to entrepreneurs. Marcin Osiński is a graduate of Law Faculty at University of Warsaw. He has been a laureate and a participant of numerous oratorical competitions. He is a member of the Warsaw Bar Chamber.

Languages: English

Mobile: +48 607 054 461



Bolesław Rycerz

Bolesław Rycerz is an attorney at law with a long-lasting expertise specializing in litigation. He represents business entities and individuals in court with respect to commercial law, with emphasis on litigation resulting from construction works and disputes related to real property, as well as commercial lease. He also represents individuals in cases involving civil law, penal law and labour law. He also performs day-to-day legal assistance to business entities. Bolesław Rycerz is a graduate of the Law Faculty at Maria Skłodowska-Curie University in Lublin. He is a member of the Warsaw Bar Chamber.

Languages: English

Mobile.: +48 725 451 999